by Alexander Fury .

Day One commences!

A vertiable Retifist's dream!
Carmen Kass flanked by nail supremo Marian Newman and make-up artist Hannah Murray

Following a morning (and a day!) of heavy preparation in SHOWstudio's Bruton Place studio space, our first in-house live shoot with Carmen Kass is now broadcasting! Nick Knight is shooting Kass in a somewhat unusual guise - as the project title betrays, today's shoot for AnOther Magazine is inspired by clowns, and accordingly Kass is caked in pancake by Hannah Murray, with locks teased by Sam McKnight and dressed to character by stylist Panos Yiapanis. But rather than any direct or recognisable reference to this circus tradition, Yiapanis is pushing this shoot into the territory of the bizarre and grotesque, Kass' features contorted with sutures of string and fabric, and her body swathed in the most extreme and uncompromising fashions from the Autumn/Winter runways, along with some special creations fashioned by Yiapanis himself to highlight the editorial's aesthetic theme. Up-to-the-minute information will be coming courtesy of our (frankly rather cultish) Twitter feed and I will be blogging live with the trusty SHOWstudio picture phone to capture all the action as it develops.