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Day one of Nick Knight's Tumblr curation

It's day one of Nick Knight's punk-themed Tumblr curation! For a whole week, Knight will be drawing on his experiences working with the Met as a creative consultant on the PUNK: Chaos to Couture exhibition, offering up the imagery, videos and sounds that define punk in his mind. A central focus of the curation will be juxtapositions, something that Knight feels is inherent to punk because of its history in clashing together opposing ideas and pulling together multiple different fashion movements. Today, Knight will be posting imagery from John Savage's photographic series Uninhabited London, shot in 1977. Savage is a real authority on punk, having written England's Dreaming, an extensive history of The Sex Pistols and punk music. To draw on this expertise, Knight has asked Savage to contribute ten tracks that stand out from the period. Head to our Tumblr to see Knight's curation take shape.