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Day Two At Port Eliot

Waking up feeling like you havnt sleept seemed to be a running theme through my camping experince, but the picture above was taken out of our glamped up tent when i woke up. Charlotte and i ran over to the Five Dials stage where Alex Fury & Mary Katrantzou were talking about how Mary came to make her iconic deisgns and prints. After lunch we went walking around and were waiting for the night to begin. we found wonderful and beautiful things from the lakes to the hidden elephants. As the day drew to a close we met back up at a knitted tree and went off to see Jeremy Healy. He is another DJ with alot of stage pressence and he rocked the bowling green stage. After that we ended up at the Boogie Stage untill two in the morning. On our travels we found elephants, climbing trees and a talking postbox (will elaborate in another post) Walking around the beautiful esate to get back to our tents, finding all these crazy installations and people made it a truly memerable and epic night