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Death: Rose Robson - watch again!

Last week, young taxidermist Rose Robson took up residency at Bruton Place as part of our Death series. She took inspiration from natural history books to create a unique swarm-like sculpture using multiple bird carcasses, including magpies, pheasants, mallards and grouse.

Robson - who is part of an exciting troupe of young female taxidermists - offers a unique twist on the traditional craft. To steer the art-form away from its Victorian associations, Robson never uses whole animals, instead utilising various body parts from different creatures to create dynamic pieces, which she dubs 'impossible forms'. If you missed any part of the two-day stream, on-demand footage is available now for a limited time.

Also available is a transcript of Robson's candid Q&A with Niamh White, which centered on her inspirations and ambitions, 'I'm trying to make people aware of what is in front of you. You don't get close up to birds like I do and I want to make people think about our relationship with animals and about our existence. Because its gross and beautiful, it's hard to know what you feel when you look at it.'

If you're still not satisfied then come and see the work for yourself! The stunning Murder of Crows sculpture is currently sitting pretty in our Bruton Place Shop space, which is open from 11:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday.

For more plush plumage, check out Lou Stoppard's accompanying essay - a critical history of fashion's love affair with birds - or revisit past LiveStudios, including Philip Treacy's Feather Salad.

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