Live Now Rick Owens Menswear S/S 19 Show

11:30 - 12:30 on June 21 2018 BST

by Christabel Stewart .


Lali Chetwynd makes merry again with a charming evocation of what she perceives as the hilarity in Rem Koolhaus' mythic status book on New York, 'Delirious'. A giddy but sophisticated crowd of recognisble New York landmark buildings sip cocktails and dance to a 1920s flapperesque musical score. Clearly referencing the famous 1931 Beaux-Arts Ball in New York in which architects such as William Van Alen, Raymond Hood, and others got decked out in costumes after their skyscraper designs (pictured), Chetwynd reanimates what might have gone on, whilst making a case for Koolhaas' notion of the architecture-culture dynamic under the roof of his current Serpentine Pavillion structure.

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  1. DanielBrown
    17:36 6 Sep 2006
    Looks like a Daft-Punk Video!
    (that's a compliment in my book)