by Lou Stoppard .

Dennis Morris at Apartment 58

Icons are a rare thing. While it’s easy to spot today’s idols, unpicking their illusive regal quality proves tricky. Explaining that secret star-factor is a pursuit that SHOWstudio and our various contributors have taken up with gusto. From Jake Davis and Matt Williams' exploration of celebrity in #Screen Tests, a modern tribute to Andy Warhol’s famous screen tests, to Nick Knight’s Naomi Campbell: Statuesque, exploring the iconic visual impact of the supermodel’s Amazonian form.

A man who knows a lot about the power of personality is photographer Dennis Morris. From being propositioned by Marianne Faithfull, to documenting the spiralling downfall of Sid and Nancy, Morris has documented the action while being right there in the middle of it – the Louis Theroux of photography, if you will.

Picked up by Bob Marley while waiting outside the Speak Easy Club on Margaret Street during a sound-check, Morris began his spontaneous grand tour of the who’s who of music. Before even reaching his seventeenth birthday his images of Marley had appeared on the cover of Time Out – a tribute to the success of Dennis’s unique reportage meets rock and roll approach.

Attendees at Apartment 58’s new series INDUSTRY were lucky enough to hear from the charming Morris himself, discussing the highs and lows of a career on the road with some of the most volatile subjects imaginable. His talk marks the start of this new weekly roundtable hosted by different stalwarts from the creative industry - a handy dosage of stylish iconography to give you a regular fame-fix. Head to Apartment 58 for details.