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Dennis Morris on shooting the Sex Pistols

The latest phone interview in our Punk: Photography series features a discussion between Nick Knight and Dennis Morris on the latter photographer's shot of Sid Vicious during the Sex Pistols' 1977 Scandinavian tour. Morris muses on his time spent with the legendary punk band, the influence of reportage and war photography and his certainty of being part of something so culturally significant. 

'You know the truth of it for me was I was always excited by it from the word go. From the very beginning I always thought I was doing something very important. I think that's maybe what separated me from everybody else, that I always thought it was very important what we were doing... For me I couldn't belive my luck in terms of being able to get the opportunity to take pictures without anyone telling me what to do and what they wanted'.

Listen to the story behind the iconic shoot.