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Designers Upcycle Against AIDS

SHOWstudio are proud to support Designers Against AIDS (DAA), a project that sees designers and students collaborate on making new garments out of unsold second-hand clothes or personal vintage pieces.

This creative challenge highlights the importance of sustainability and offers another option on how to make it work. The endeavour would not be feasible without the input of designers like Veronique Branquinho, Mandy Webb, Abelone Wilhelmsen, An Buermans, Fadime Tezerdi, Catherine Costa and Danane Bazouka. They worked closely with fifth-year fashion students from St. Godelieve in Deurne to create new outfits, while art students from St. Maria in Borgerhout helped create the overall look and feel of the presentation and online promotion. 

The installation showcasing the newly created outfits will open on Saturday 27 May 2017, in Pardaf, Antwerp (Gemeentestraat 8, 2060 Antwerpen, Belgium). Accompanied by online bidding on upcycled clothing, it is meant to raise proceeds for DAA's projects 'Asia Against AIDS - Back to Zero: Indonesia' and 'Youth For a Better World Online Education Center', based in Antwerp. 

The search for the next edition of the project has already begun. DAA are looking fashion students and graduates aspiring to create upcycled clothing, have them photographed, promoted online, with funds being sent to the respective organisations. 

Under the umbrella of creative network Beauty Without Irony, it hopes to encourage emerging creatives to participate and to educate the audience about the issues of recycling/upcycling and sustainability as well as HIV/AIDS and the need for safe sex. This year, the clothing was photographed on models Seija Mistiaen and Zoe Yoko by Alexey Shlyk and Gwenny Eeckels, with styling by Ingrid Martens and production by Ninette Murk. Follow the projects on now!