by Amanda Harlech .

Dining in Rome....Raining in London

Nino's -the 1930's panelled restaurant in Rome - best artichokes in the World. Love the attentive starched waiters with brilliantined side partings sneaking bitter chocolate sauce over my vanilla ice cream.

Smell of charred chestnuts in the streets, bells and seagulls laughing like old women over head.

Came back to black rain and a band of bagpipes at Euston station. My friend,the Angel of Death was there. A good welcome home.


  1. Sam McKnight
    13:40 7 Nov 2011
    Your blogs are poetic inspiration, Amanda. Love 'em.
  2. alex.fury
    14:17 7 Nov 2011
    Hear hear Mr McKnight!
  3. CarrieScott
    10:08 8 Nov 2011
    I second that emotion!
  4. ericesquire
    15:55 8 Nov 2011
    it's all about contrasts...

    e e

  5. ericesquire
    15:56 8 Nov 2011
    never been to ninos - must go now after reading this.

    e e
  6. john
    11:08 10 Nov 2011
    yes please more blogs from Amanda !
  7. ericesquire
    20:15 10 Nov 2011
    Yes, please more from amanda...

    e e