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Discover what Geoffrey Lillemon and Salvador Breed are up to

As part of our Splash! LiveStudio with Iris van Herpen, we have welcomed American artist Geoffrey Lillemon and Dutch sound artist Salvador Breed into our Motcomb St studio. The duo are collaborating to create a short film and a soundscape inspired by Nick Knight's stunning still of the ever elegant Daphne Guinness standing tall while both black and white water were thrown at her. 

'In the process of throwing the water on Daphne, we've captured nature's information and physic's information of how liquid moves through time and space. That's what Iris is taking cues from to make the dress and it's also the same information we have to create the film,' explains Lillemon, one of the leading artists of the Net Art Movement. With his previous work exploring the interplay between the digital and physical realms, he is perfectly positioned to animate Knight's footage.

Lillemon and Breed are also looking to van Herpen's working process to colour their creation. 'We're coming from the same source [as Iris],' Lillemon continues. 'We're also seeing the ability Iris has to transform materials and mutate them in a way that gives new meaning to a surface or material. So we're dancing back and forth and seeing that way of thinking and then translating that in sound and motion.' 

But how will Breed, whose background lies in making and sculpting sounds for a range of creative outputs, create a sound piece from Knight's footage? Working directly with sound recordings made in the studio, he will take inspiration from the noises associated with water. 'I'm thinking about how I can get a melody out of the liquid sound,' he explains.

Throughout the live broadcast, our cameras will look to Breed and Lillemon's screens to offer a glimpse of what they're working on. Stay tuned to see their work progress!