by Paul Bruty .

Download Gallery Now Open

The Volta Download Gallery is now open. Max in Denver, Colorado is the first contributor to the page with his cut-out-and-rock-out entry. Thanks a lot Max! By the way, there's talk of a prize for the best entry so watch this space for news.


  1. Joganought
    05:00 30 May 2007
    I have to admit...I am soo jelouse! I have only 3 pieces left. Now I have an idea what kind of Bjork fans I'm up against! Let the games begin! By the way...Max your a hottie!!!
  2. PennyMartin
    12:35 30 May 2007
    How great. Thanks Max.
    Does that mean Bjork is the last thing you see before you go to sleep and the first think you see when you wake up? In Berhard Willhelm too. How very fitting!
  3. Itacas
    04:10 1 Jun 2007
    Soo cool! Watching you photo I got filled with enthusiasm and want to do the same...Im just wondering which place is the right one...mmmm
  4. Chocholko
    11:38 1 Jun 2007
    Brilliant! I have downloaded all 34 pieces, but I am going to wait until I can back it onto thick, expensive card - spray mounting it as I go along!
  5. braver
    00:16 2 Jun 2007
    I need to be here so soon!
  6. kevinm312
    10:43 2 Jun 2007
    3 pieces to go also joganought!!! Can't wait!
    I lost a piece though...
    *SAD FACE*
    When I'm done hopefully some kind person will forward me the piece I misplaced?!
  7. omY
    18:30 3 Jun 2007
    esta muy weno =) , a mi todavia me fltan como 15 partes
  8. ilsimo
    11:54 4 Jun 2007
    I'm going to print the 34 pieces of Volta next wednesday and take some photos next weekend. I hope to post my Volta picture next week! Max was listening to Declare Independence, I'm sure about that!
  9. berlinbrat
    19:47 4 Jun 2007
    which piece number do you need? Let me know your e-mail and I'll forward. Peace.