by Neal Bryant .

Downloadable 3D Data
SHOWstudio Tech Updates

SHOWstudio have long been experimenting with the idea of 3D scanning and printing ranging from projects such as Sweet in 2000 through to current exploits like Visions Couture. This is an area of  technology that has seen a rapid growth in popularity and development. As with most technology it has begun to filter down into the consumer market, which is apparent with the release of devices such as the Replicator and Thing-o-Matic (3D printers), which have attempted to bring the possibilities of 3D printing into the homes of the consumer.

The Pirate Bay have recently added a new category to the site that they are calling "Physibles", which will contain digital files for objects that can be physically created using a 3D printer, which goes some way to imagining how this technology could work in the future. Instead of shipping products around the world a user would be able to download the code and print it using their very own printer. Such possibilities are obviously quite a few years away (in some cases still a concept), but it's incredibly exciting to see the technology develop further.