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Dressing the Screen: The Rise of Fashion Film
Panel discussion at Somerset House tonight

As an official fringe event of Design Fashion Week Singapore 2013, Dressing the Screen: The Rise of Fashion Film will examine the important impact of UK filmmakers and designers on the development of fashion film. The exhibition, which is curated by filmmaker Kathryn Ferguson, first launched in Beijing in 2012, and is now travelling to Singapore.

Tonight, in a pre-screening event at Somerset House, Kathryn will host an evening of films and discussions, highlighting the importance of female fashion filmmakers. Kathryn will screen her film Four Tell, which champions female role models, as well as films by 8 other female filmmakers.

She also invited a number of filmmakers to discuss their work following the screening. SHOWstudio's own Marie Schuller will sit on a panel discussion with fellow pioneering female filmmakers and journalists. Schuller will be joined by Ruth Hogben, Sarah Piantadosi, Elisha Smith-Leverock and Amanda Boyle, as they discuss the rise of fashion film and its role in challenging traditional representations of femininity and glamour. The panel will be chaired by Caryn Franklin.

SHOWstudio will be at Somerset House this evening to capture the panel discussion. Stay tuned for updates as to when the footage is available.