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Dropping today! SHOWstudio x MACHINE-A exclusive products
Shop the extremely limited pieces now!

The SHOWstudio x MACHINE-A collaboration is finally here! And with it, the exclusive products by designers including Raf Simons, Ashley Williams, Beth Postle, Alex Matteson, Shaun Samson and Sibling.

Each designer was asked to specially create an exclusive product inspired by SHOWstudio's signature black and white hues. The pieces are only available to purchase online through SHOWstudio Shop or from MACHINE-A's store in London. The extremely limited edition products include a signature, tongue-in-cheek Ashley Williams bag reworked for the project as a monochrome killer whale, Beth Postle's neoprene top and shorts combo, Sibling's famous knitwear in the form of an intricately patterned scarf, Shaun Samson's raunchy 'Blow Me' towel, Alex Mattson's 'strictly high grade' socks and beanie, and last but definitely not least Raf Simon's trainers, breaking the boundaries of black and white with a flash of hot pink! 

Dive into the interactive store now to browse and buy before they go!