by Alexander Fury .

DYNAMIC BLOOMS - Flower Cuttings's live streams have always been about showing the process behind the creation of a fashion image - and this shoot is no exception. There is, however, a twist: for this story, Nick Knight and Alister Mackie are taking the concept of 'constructing' a fashion image quite literally, slicing and dicing up imagery as it is created, and knitting the components together into an entirely new image. In this case, Alister and Nick and combining multiple dresses together - those flying panes of fabric are being subtly reengineered to resemble petals, flailing limbs to approximate stamens, and the final product to unfurl across multiple double-pages like exotic human-hybrid blooms. The process behind this hyper-modern creation is, oddly enough, quite old-fashioned - less photoshop, more cut-n-paste, as Nick and Alister assemble the imagery via scissors, sellotape and a lot of blood, sweat and tears.