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'EC-STA-TIC' by Jean-Pierre Braganza and Malcolm Pate

Jean-Pierre Braganza’s collection for A/W 2008, entitled ‘Chromacolyte’, was inspired by a cyborg handmaiden in a futuristic uniform - more than human, but at the same time not quite human. Accordingly, his video for Future Tense, created with filmmaker Malcolm Pate, shows us a monochromatic day in the life of these (wo)man-machines, composed entirely of ‘White Noise’ and clothed in Braganza’s futuristic tailoring. The resulting imagery, naturally enough, is dark, unsettling and slightly morbid – as with so much of both Pate and Braganza’s respective work.

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  1. somebodylovesyou
    11:12 1 Sep 2008
    Incredibly dark and creepy! I am afraid of what lurks inside his brain...