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Ed Griffiths live today!

Creating sculptural leather work work that fuses highly-refined haute couture technique with brutalist force, Ed Griffiths is the latest artisan to take up residence in the LiveStudio here at Bruton Place. Compressing layers of calfskin into dense leather shapes that approximate all the aesthetic qualities of ebony, Griffiths will showcase his unconventional and captivating working-methods during a four-day stint in the studio from 13:00 BST today through until Friday. If you have any questions about Ed's unique leatherworking technique, we will once again be submitting questions to him throughout the process and uploading them live on the site, while the one-off leather piece that Griffiths' masterful hands create will then be displayed as part of the ongoing SHOWstudio Shop exhibition Blackwhite.

Tune in from 13:00 BST today for all the live action.