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Edited footage of Colin McDowell's interview available now

Last month, Colin McDowell rocked our studio with his controversial comments on the state of the fashion industry today. The fashion commentator, writer and founder of Fashion Fringe pulled no punches when sharing his views - ones that have been cultivated and informed by his 30-year-and-counting career. So when he observed, 'The British Fashion Council seems to be growing and growing and growing but the results aren’t getting any better. This reminds me of the Austro-Hungarian empire in the nineteenth century, which became so bureaucratic that if you wished to go out of your office you had to write a request to someone sitting there, you couldn’t ask him, you had to be send it, it had to be filed, and then 10 minutes later, by which time you’re bursting for pee, they let you go, you know? This is the ludicrous polity of bureaucracy,' we know he's onto something. So if you missed the live discussion with Lou Stoppard, don't pass up the chance to experience McDowell's nimble mind in an exclusive edited film!