by Lou Stoppard .

Ellie Grace Cumming's Fashion Fetish film is now live

Today's Fashion Fetish film comes from stylist Ellie Grace Cumming, who collaborates with filmmaker Sarah Piantadosi to explore Triciphilia; the partialism in which one becomes sexually aroused by human hair. Citing references as broad as Larry Clark, Sinead O'Connor, Nick Knight's 'Skinhead' book and even Sigmund Freud - who argued that the cutting of women's long hair by men could represent castration, giving the cutter a sense of sexual dominance - Cumming sought to explore hair fetishism from a female perspective, offering a startling vision of a woman shaving her own head. She says of the film, 'I wanted to look at the fetish of hair and what it meant for women, and what it would feel like for a girl to cut and shave her own hair off and to make a film looking at the act, but in an elegant and beautiful way, taking it away from the seedy websites where people pay to watch it. I wanted to look at it as rebellious, punk act, and explore the ways that it can be a beautiful process. If a woman cuts off her own hair, is it a rejection of her own sexuality, or a rejection of the label of how sexuality is supposed to 'look'?' 

Watch model Sardé Hardie go bald gracefully now!