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Eniko - New Fashion Film Interactive Editorial Launches!

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Our latest fashion film editorial for A/W 2010, Eniko, offers a twist on a formula we've already made classic - rather than creating a single fashion film, photographer and filmmaker Barnaby Roper offers no less than twenty-six individual video clips, one indeed for each letter of the alphabet, starring Eniko Mihalik in a selection of new New York A/W fashion chosen by stylist Keegan Singh. Rather than flicking a page, you click a button on your keyboard, selecting from clips of Eniko clad in the likes of Alexander Wang, Altuzarra and Proenza Schouler, and ten exclusive soundtracks to interact and hand-craft your very own fashion film edit(orial). The best part? Your unique edit can then be linked, emailed and shared in this ultimate egalitarian dissemination of New York style.


  1. AndrewSmith
    00:19 31 Jul 2010
    I can't make my mind up about this piece. The idea? Genius. The realisation I'm not so sure about. Some clips are amazing, but then others seem a bit unintentionally tacky. The beat gets a bit jerky at times when I press a letter, but then there are clips and beats which enchant me. I'd like to see some of the recorded pieces!
  2. AndrewSmith
    00:21 31 Jul 2010
    P.S. SHOWstudio, I'm loving the new fashion films every week! I hope you're going to keep it up?
  3. AndrewSmith
    00:21 31 Jul 2010
    P.S. SHOWstudio, I'm loving the new fashion films every week! I hope you're going to keep it up?
  4. HowardFischer
    12:13 31 Jul 2010
    This is a really great concept. I'm excited to see fashion film being used in a different form, but feels like a one off - still a great one off.
  5. someonegreat
    05:28 2 Aug 2010
    Utterly superb. It's fantastic to see fashion engaging with the possibilities of the internet like this, and allowing for the fact that the internet does not allow passive consumption of image but demands something different to hold your attention rapt. Great new development. I'm fascinated to see where it will go from here.
  6. restopesto
    12:08 2 Aug 2010
    love the music in this!
    also fantastic little bodysuit by jen kao :D
  7. 1uke
    14:12 2 Aug 2010
    Very nice concept and application, the movement and grading is fantastic! I could play with this for hours!
  8. b4rt0
    09:08 3 Aug 2010
    Cool concept; this is prolly the most interesting piece of fashion film so far.
    Endless possibilities and an avenue that deserves further exploration.
    WELL DONE!!!!
  9. saint
    18:47 5 Aug 2010
  10. Halil
    05:30 19 Mar 2012
    Hey, good to find someone who argees with me. GMTA.