by Alexander Fury .

Erecting Peter Saville's Erotic House

Peter Saville, Anna Blessman and Gideon Ponte on set
Peter Saville, Anna Blessman and Gideon Ponte on set

In the unseasonably cold early hours of this morning Peter Saville's Erotic House began to take shape - with more than a little help from Gideon Ponte and a veritable platoon of assistance. Above are just three examples of the dozen-or-so sets Gideon will be creating during the course of the shoot - to the left, a clinical white tiled cube, black vinyl panels of our 'Seduction' room to the centre, and a rich, blood-flushed crimson corner at far right. At the moment, Francesca Burns and team are rifling through rails to decide on the all-important first look, while Wallpaper*'s Amy Heffernan is painstakingly unpacking cherry-picked classics of contemporary furniture design from their tissue-paper tombs to grace our fast-developing rooms. Later today, Gideon and co will be deconstructing and reconstructing Peter's erotic abode before your very eyes - our live feed is slated to begin early this afternoon, but check back on SHOWstudio or stay rivetted to our Twitter feed to find out exactly when the action will begin.


  1. CharlieStrand
    20:40 28 Apr 2009
    Excellent shoot, thanks for letting us watch!
  2. Codestream
    22:22 28 Apr 2009
    It's great being able to watch the process, all of you did a great job.. Being able to tweet while watching is really cool too..