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Erica Schreiner takes to the SHOWstudio Tumblr!
Guest Curation 1 - 7 August 2013

A warm welcome to Erica Schreiner who's just begun her week-long guest curation of the SHOWstudio Tumblr! In the coming week, 1 to 7 August, she'll be filling our page with inspiring imagery, from video stills to moving image clips.

Have a look at SHOWstudio's Tumblr page now! 


  1. SarahJ
    14:28 1 Aug 2013
    I love Erica! The butterflies are so pretty!
  2. funeral
    14:28 1 Aug 2013
    Such a big fan of Erica's work, this is set to be such an interesting insight into her inspirations.
  3. MarieSchuller
    14:28 1 Aug 2013
    Erica, your tumblr curation is fantastic, I love the eclectic mix of imagery! Your curation also explains a lot about your filmmaking!
  4. William Mathie
    14:34 1 Aug 2013
    Really interesting selection!
  5. DanChallis
    15:03 1 Aug 2013
    An amazing collection of imagery. This is one of my favourites
  6. nick knight
    15:04 1 Aug 2013
    really happy to have Erica curating the Tumblr.
    I think she is one of the freshest visions I have seen in recent years.
    Really pissed off at a comment I read that was sent in anonymously.
    Nothing wrong with critics but they should have the courage to put their names and work up .
  7. tor.hopkins
    11:31 2 Aug 2013
    Wow what powerful imagery! Very eerily beautiful