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Erin O'Connor talks Richard Avedon
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Nick Knight continues to form a history of contemporary fashion photography from the point of view of models with Subjective. In this week's segment he speaks to Erin O'Connor about a Versace campaign shot by Richard Avedon. 

O'Connor describes her impressions of the legendary photographer, both as an artist and as a man. 'In real life he was sort of like a playful naughty little boy. He must have been in his seventies when i first met him and I developed a huge crush on him,' she confesses. Delve into the interview to uncover a new side of the famous image, including O'Connor's memories of the process of working with 10 by 8, the references Avedon compared her to and his fixation with her nose -  'I've been following that nose of yours all season,' he reportedly said to her on their second meeting. 

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