by Alexander Fury .

Establishing shots

Testing lights and shot angles around Helen's printed fringe dress ('Mabel'is her official name, according to Helen), you start to get a real sense of the aesthetics of the coming shoot. Backlit and silhouetted to emphasise the translucency of the polymer fabric, this gives some idea of the way the 'dry' images will look and feel, and still giving a sense of dramatic deep-sea chiarascuro. The scale of the water tanks, meanwhile, are a subtle indication of the spectacular but as-yet untested underwater shots which are still somewhat of an enigma to us all. Or, well, to me at least...


  1. Sandrine
    12:12 28 Mar 2008
    Who's your model? And where is she?
  2. alex.fury
    13:37 28 Mar 2008
    sorry for keeping you in suspense Sandrine! our model is Alice Dellal - you can maybe make out her profile in our silhouetted 'live' shots, and you should be seeing and hearing a lot more from her later today...