Live Now Dior Homme - Spring / Summer 2019 Panel Discussion

17:00 - 18:15 on June 23 2018 BST

by Penny Martin .

Everlasting Sprout

This was Keiichi Muramatsu and Noriko Seiki's first official runway show, having previously presented their knit-based fashion in installation form. The duo explained backstage that the first two sections of their love-inspired collection had been based around the sepia hues of Atget prints of Paris. This created a difficult palette for their cotton macs, woolen shorts and romper suits: more tricky terracotta than pretty flesh tones in truth. A stronger red and black sequence started to inject some power when quite unexpectedly, three white, frilly, short knit dresses arrived to propose something altogether more exciting. It was an intriguing ending that asked the question: why spend so much time wading through the commercial looks when you've got something far more innovative to express?