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Everyman Road Movies at KXFS

SHOWstudio is all about celebrating the ongoing and extensive relationship between fashion and film. From Tumbleweeds to Night Porter, there's a whole roster of films that inspire creatives season in, season out. Therefore it only makes sense that designer initiative Fashion East champion a cinematic endeavour as well.

Yesterday marked the launch of Everyman Road Movies, a 12-day celebration of film, fittingly located at former petrol station KXFS. The event was hosted by In Fashion contributor Lulu Kennedy and her three current championed designers Ryan Lo, Ashley Williams and Claire Barrow. The film on show was the deliciously dark Drugstore Cowboy - chosen by Kennedy because of Matt Dillon's 'beautiful eyebrows'.

From Wim Wender's captivating panoramic shots in Paris,Texas to a bomber jacket-wearing Ryan Gosling in Drive, each flick is sure to ignite your creative spark, so revel in life on the open road until 5 May.