by Lou Stoppard .

Excellent hosiery at Andrea Pompilio

Today saw rising Italian talent - and fashion funny-man - Andrea Pompilio take to the floor as one of Pitti's featured designers. All in all he gave a strong offering, which cemented his status as master of reworked city-chic stapes. Best in show was his fabulous sheer hosiery - a perfect example of his penchant for tongue-in-cheek accessories - which boasted lines up the back to give the effect of forties seamed stockings.

Stockings have had a highly political career in fashion. During rationing money was so tight that some women resorted to painting the backs of their legs with a line of black ink to give the illusion of a fresh pair of tights. Are Pomplilio's colourful seams a willful comment on the economic state of the times? Probably not. But still, who can complain? Socks maketh the man. Invest.