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Exclusive Access to Gareth Pugh's A/W Show!

We are pleased to announce that we will be offering our viewers the exclusive opportunity to watch Gareth Pugh's eagerly-awaited Autumn/Winter show, live on SHOWstudio tomorrow afternoon! Arguably one of the hottest tickets in town, we will be able to simultaneously show exactly what press and buyers will see at the the Passage du Désir, around the scheduled time of 17:00 (16:00 GMT).

Showing on the first day of Paris Fashion Week, the Sunderland-born enfant terrible is set to be one of the day's main highlights. This is the third time Gareth has shown in Paris since winning the prestigious ANDAM International Fashion Award in 2008, and follows January's announcement that luxury goods conglomerate LVMH are financing his collections.

We will also be launching an exclusive interview shot with Gareth yesterday afternoon in which he discusses his upcoming collection. Stay tuned for further updates...


  1. CharlieStrand
    14:45 3 Mar 2009
    I'll be sure to tune in tomorrow for this! Great stuff SHOWstudio.
  2. la
    15:18 3 Mar 2009
    How brilliant!!!!
  3. miggy
    15:43 3 Mar 2009
    very excited!
  4. GalileosUniverse
    15:55 3 Mar 2009
    Always the money worth and never a dull moment !!! .... Looking forward to the moment .....
  5. saint
    16:26 3 Mar 2009
    I wish we could see all the shows on SHOWstudio, but it's so cool to see Gareth's.
  6. jessielesmads
    14:33 4 Mar 2009
  7. muglerette
    16:06 4 Mar 2009
    we are waiting....we are waiting...we are waiting....
  8. alex.fury
    20:41 4 Mar 2009
    oh, trust me muglerette, so were we (I hasten to add, not excessively).