by Greg French .

FAMILY: A new collective of global creatives

FAMILY is the name of a new collective of global creatives who have teamed together to launch a series of graphic tees launching this week at Paris Fashion Week.

The project is fronted by Nic Jones, co-founder of Parisian collective Surface to Air, now of Canadian store Jonathan+Olivia, where the tees will be available, alongside Colette, from 24 June 2017. Proceeds from the sales will go to War Child - an independent charity whom are responsible for providing aid for children in areas experiencing conflict or it’s aftermath. A number of talent is involved, including; Off White's Virgil Abloh, ALYX's Matthew Williams, Common Good agency's Jamie Webster x Berkeley Poole, VICE TV chef Matty Matheson, Vexed Generation, NYC's Fraser Cook  - Nike x Kamilla Sun, Aritzia's Brian Hill, Graphic designer Pieter Ceizer, Cactus Plant Flea Market, Actor Dan Levy, NYC artist Mark Samsonovich and Surface to Air.

In a time when there are those doing their best to polarise and terrify the world’s population, this project celebrates homogeny, finding beauty in youth and coming together as one to send a message; As FAMILY, we are always better together.

Imagery shot by Pat O'Rourke.