by Sally Northmore .

Farewell, Paul Herron!

It's a wistful day today at SHOWstudio when one of our longest standing members and Back-end Developer, Paul Herron, moves on after nearly five years impeccable service on our technical team. 

During his tenure, Paul has contributed to and helped steer some of the major technical feats at SHOWstudio, including the landmark Alexander McQueen live stream, the 2012 Webby winning redevelopment of, and the successful Mirror Mirror project at TopShop, among countless others.

Paul has been one of those teammates who consistently inject a wonderful balance of genuine enthusiasm and sound reasoning into anything he's done. Not to metion, he's always ready with a tool to pry open a goofing laptop, or help debug a mysterious wifi outtage... Paul, we've relied on you heavily and you've always come through.

His will be big boots to fill and he will undoubtedly be missed.  Despite this glum, we wish him every success pursuing his freelance venture and take comfort we'll see him here and there. He has been a pleasure to work with.

The fondest farewell and thank you, Paul Herron.

To your bright future ahead.

Love from the SHOWstudio team.

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  1. tor.hopkins
    10:26 1 May 2014
    You will be sorely missed Paul Herron. Come back and visit us soon! (With the Odel mug!) xx