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Fashion Fetish essay by Aimee Mullins now live

Marti Domination in her fetish boots

Paul Outerbridge tophat shot from 1936

Paul Outerbridge self-portrait from 1927

'My concept came from my response to the majority of today's imagery, in which some aspect of sexual 'deviance' is positioned to look just like a Victoria's Secret commercial. In my mind, eighteen year-old girls stroking themselves has nothing to do with real fetish - it's just beautiful imagery.'

The latest addition to our Fashion Fetish essay series comes from actress, athlete and model Aimee Mullins, who, in a twist, offers up an essay to accompany her own film. Detailing the ideas, messages and inspirations behind her challenging work, the essay offers a blow by blow account of the film's making. She explains that her concept came from an objection to popular 'pretty' imagery, which frequently presents fetish and youthful female sexuality as one and the same. By looking at individuals such as Marti Domination - the star of her piece - as well as the the writing of Terence Sellers and the work of corsetiere, Mr Pearl and photographer Paul Outerbridge, Mullins seeks to challenge typical connotations of what 'fetish' is and can be. Read her piece now.