by Lou Stoppard .

Fashion Fetish film by Lily Donaldson now live

'I wanted the video to feel a bit unpalatable and seedy - like a crappy old VCR that's been found and put on YouTube. Very dodgy and amateur.'

Today SHOWstudio is thrilled to unveil a new Fashion Fetish film by Lily Donaldson. The model was not content to limit her offering to bondage, bums and breasts - the usual fashion-does-fetish stomping grounds - instead choosing to champion a more unusual erotic group, the 'furries'. For those innocent souls who haven't stumbled across this particular perversion, 'furries' refers to individuals who have sexual fascinations with cuddly anthropomorphic animals. Some committed enthusiasts even cultivate special animal personalities, or 'fursonas' as they call them (I kid you not).

'I realised it might be interesting (and fun) to explore something that I didn't immediately relate to or understand within a sexual context,' says Lily. 'I understand the eroticism of a fetish such as bondage but furry soft toys as eroticism is such a bizarre idea.'

Lily's own 'fursona' is part cuddly cat part lingerie-sporting pin-up. Watch Tiger-Lily in action now!