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Fashion Fetish film by Poppy de Villeneuve now live!

The latest addition to our Fashion Fetish season takes us on a trip to the Everglades, courtesy of acclaimed photographer and film director Poppy de Villeneuve. The exclusive short roots its sensuality in juxtaposition - contrasting the ultra-obvious eroticism of a sheer latex coat with the femininity of lapping water and a peaceful natural setting. A marked departure from the raw eroticism of previous Fashion Fetish contributions - indeed, reflecting the multifaceted natures of women's sexual persuasions and peccadillos - de Villeneuve's piece takes a subtle tone, using colours and visuals that at first appear starkly anti-fetish. Complimented further by the dark and somewhat haunting musical soundtrack, de Villeneuve's film subverts our traditional notions of sexuality, while still offering a thorough exploration of the traditional codes of fetish. The result is a beautiful, ethereal piece which prompts the viewer to consider the sensual possibility of wet latex on female skin. Watch it here now!

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    14:37 15 Apr 2012