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Fashion films project launches tomorrow!

After several mysterious blog entries on the subject, we can now provide details on the amazing new fashion film project to which we have been alluding. The link below leads to a project description document (for internal use) that details how from tomorrow, we will be screening 30 seconds of moving fashion by a different member of the fashion community (photographers, models, art directors, hair and make-up artists, designers) each day. Of course, this is not final, but it gives some sense of what the project will consist of.

We have received such great goodwill to this project that it looks like the films will run well into December. To give you at taste of the first fortnight, however, practitioners include: Steven Klein, Liz Collins, Glen Luchford, Alice Hawkins, Tim Walker, Lily Cole, Sølve Sundsbø and more!!

There is much to say, but we risk repeating the material inside the document, so have a good read here. Penny Martin interviewed Nick Knight about his motivations behind Moving Fashion yesterday. A transcript and recording of their chat will join the project as soon as it is ready.

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  1. Zeina
    05:58 9 Jan 2013
    The whole installation ralely worked in a auspicious way. The real wall, those windows up high, the odd parachute sculptures, the lovely laptop mini film, The way we all had to come together to look in the window of the van, the engine running,the coming together of family and friends and city officials and the powerfully simple time line that drew it all together (I had the pleasure of handing out) it worked for me.I think the waist shirt workers would have been very proud. In fact I felt them there.falling and rising.