by Chris Sutton .

An evening at the Garden Museum

Alexander McQueen A/W 12-13 

Philip Treacy 'Orchid Hat' 2000

The Flower garden by Matthias Darly, 1777



Last night i had a charming night at a new exhibition (curated by Nicola Schulman) that celebrates the relationship between gardening and nature in fashion from Queen Elizabeth I to the catwalks of London Fashion Week 2014.

This was something I would not normally stop and take the time to take in, infact I wasnt even aware that there was infact a Garden Musuem in London. It very easily could have slipped by unnoticed. It was a surprise, a secret kind of enchanting one. The venue had a sea of flowers suspended above the crowd and exhibited works by Philip Treacy (who was in attendance and in great form) Valentino couture and Alexander McQueen. Their beautiful modern designs created a fun tension with the traditional tone of the exhibition space.

Thank you to the charming Amanda Harlech for taking me and showing me something new in this city.


If you have time, you should go and discover this for yourself!