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Fashion Mix by Stephen Jones now live!

Stephen Jones may boast an OBE and a client list full of royalty, but his music taste is a firm reminder of his fabulous, if infamous, partying past. The former Blitz kid offers an irresistible invitation to 'take you to the candy shop', guiding listeners to the nightclub still raging in his mind. Enjoy jazzy tunes from Kid Creole & The Coconuts, Roxy Music and, of course, Kylie. Pop on your cocktail hat and join the dancefloor now.

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  1. Bushra
    06:58 12 May 2013
    I am wearing the yloelw wrist band with Bowe's name and information which was given to me by a Rolling Thunder rider while my family and I were in DC, Memorial weekend. Our family has lost two loved ones who were in the Navy and Coast Guard respectively. Our daughter was married to Kevin who died in 2005 and engaged to Robbie who died the end of 2009. Our hearts go out to Bowe and his dear family during these difficult days of uncertainty. We anxiously await the day when we hear that Bowe has been released and is on his way home. That is when I will finally be able to remove my yloelw wrist band! Lean on the Lord for His strength and peace. God is the One Who has given us the strength to live in honor of our two loved ones and to be of help to their children, our grandsons. God bless you and God bless America.