by Alexander Fury .

Fashion's cutting edge

Gareth's busy fingers.

Over at Bruton Place, Gareth Pugh's latest creation is taking shape before the watchful eye of our LiveStudio webcams. The reason for that plastic is suddenly evident as Gareth whips out his rotary blade and starts methodically slashing into the 'Angelskin' fabric - all very heretical I can tell you! We're only on day one, but over the course of today, Monday and Tuesday Gareth will continue handcrafting this one-off garment, which will then be retailed in the SHOWstudio SHOP.

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  1. la
    15:40 20 Nov 2009
    Such a privilege to be able to watch Gareth so closely and then to be able to just drop in on Vogue art directors shoot. Amazing! Incidentally the image is so clean it really feels like I am there.