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'Feminist' by Nick Knight

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Our final Political Fashion film of this week is the first of two by Nick Knight, who chooses to turn his lense on the indefatigable, indomitable frontwoman of The Gossip, Beth Ditto. Titled Feminist - a moniker Beth is proud to flaunt in an age when few else dare - Nick's film focusses on Beth's statuesque size (an attribute oft-remarked upon) and more tellingly her own playful and unabashed appreciation of this voluptuousness. Recalling his work with larger-than-life models Sarah Morrisson and Sophie Dahl, 'Feminist' revels not only in Beth's physique, but in her overwhelming body confidence and consciousness. Powerful, beautiful, self-assured and definitely in control: as opposed to just wearing the label, Beth is the living embodiment of the feminist ideal.


  1. GalileosUniverse
    15:44 25 Jul 2008
    It is all about how to learn to see and interpret 'the line' from a different dimension ... a dimension that in reality is the 2nd, other , parallel world in the matters of how to interpret beauty .... Real FINE !... absolutely positive !
  2. Arijane
    20:53 26 Jul 2008
    I love Gossip music, Gossip way of moving, singing and thinking. She is the best feminist icon of the late century. I have just been in a Gossip's show in Portugal, and I think all women should have her stong power!
    This is beautty at all...
    Thank you for this video!
    Comment from Barcelona, Spain.