by Alexander Fury .

Finalists announced!

Our winners, Daiv Ambrose and D'Marco Jones

We can proudly announce that our VMAN Model Search finalists have been decided - but the race for the cover of VMAN15 isn't over just yet. Our two finalists, Daiv Ambrose and D'Marco Jones, are scheduled to fly over to London on Monday to be styled by Simon Foxton, shot by Nick Knight and clad in the high-fashion likes of Louis Vuitton, Prada, Alexander McQueen and Calvin Klein. We'll be broadcasting the shoot live on SHOWstudio, charting all the action as these two fledgling faces of fashion battle it out through the shoot, each vying for the prime cover spot of VMAN15. Simon Foxton's masterful styling will be immediately on display on both of the boys, as we upload Nick Knight's original and unretouched images live to the site, allowing a real-life real-time editorial to unfold before your very eyes.


  1. la
    13:15 2 Jul 2009
    daiv ambrose is the most interesting of the two in my opinion.He looks like he has a really interesting personality.He is by far my favorite to win.
  2. GalileosUniverse
    14:28 2 Jul 2009
    Daiv Ambrose is a very good choice ... the camera does certainly love him and the camera being the ' boss ' he can be sure of a BIG PLUS !
  3. GalileosUniverse
    14:35 2 Jul 2009
    Last and not least D'Marco Jones is equally a fantastic choice .... so it will certainly be a ' CLASH OF TWO TITANS ' !
    It will be great if BOTH of them were to win ... beacuse they really WORTHY !
  4. 5TUD10S
    15:25 2 Jul 2009
    There's a small chance Foxton may prefer the other model than La. I wonder who Nick will pick?
  5. saint
    16:34 2 Jul 2009
    yeah,I agree the Daiv guy is much more sexy. the other guy is just pretty.No contest.
  6. megalolz
    16:43 2 Jul 2009
    Not a fan of either there were way better looking blokes in this contest. Maybe monday will prove me wrong tho
  7. CollinF
    16:03 3 Jul 2009
    I am a friend of a friend of Daiv. I really hope he wins. He is even more beautiful in real life.
  8. CollinF
    16:17 3 Jul 2009
    Just here thinking ** If you dont win Daiv I am looking forward to take your picture by me!
  9. peppa
    21:26 5 Jul 2009
    DMarco has his own look, I adore his facial expression, daiv has a more feminine aspect.
  10. peppa
    21:29 5 Jul 2009
    I love Dmarco look. If he doesnt win, well, i dont know why. I went to Performing Arts School with hi. HE is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. peppa
    21:29 5 Jul 2009
    I love Dmarco look. If he doesnt win, well, i dont know why. I went to Performing Arts School with hi. HE is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. peppa
    21:39 5 Jul 2009
    A group of us are with peppa to view this site, Franklin and Van are for Davi the other 5 of us like DMarcos look. We are all wannabe actors and models. YEAH, DMarco WE HOPE YOU MAKE IT MAN. You've got the look.
  13. Monet
    00:15 6 Jul 2009
    b4 voicing an opinion, i would like 2 c how both of boyz move in front of the camera. both are strong but who is the strongest. via past issues of Vman, Dmarco would be the upset. the ? is, "is Vman ready to be upset?" i'm so sure the nick does give a damn. which is even more upsetting to the system... big kiss!
  14. SAKIS
    11:19 6 Jul 2009
    i just wanted to fly to london ,meet Nick Knight and see the studio.This was an excellent opportunity.Good Luck.
  15. lilly101
    05:34 8 Jul 2009
    Well The Winner is Demarco Jones. Whoever does not like it... Ha ha HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!! First African American male on VMAN Magagzine, First African American President.... Whats frickin next?? I love this Country, GGGOOOOOOOOO DEMARCO