by Alexander Fury .

First Fashion DJs, now Fashion MCs!

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A difficulty that arises in promoting Fashion Film vis-à-vis editorial is the tricky question of credits. To have, or not to have? To write, or not to write? Moving image, while offering the undeniable advantage of the garment in motion, also begs the questions of how exactly to place these all-important acknowledgments of the designer's hand (both creatively and business-wise). Visuals? Typography? Song? Spoken word? A multitude of options the printed page cannot offer - alongside everything they can - means this is still something of a learning curve. The answer Nick Knight and Ruth Hogben propose for our upcoming fashion film Black/White, filmed on a British Vogue shoot with stylist Charlotte Stockdale, is somewhat unusual - perhaps inspired by Nick's own Fashion DJs set, they recruited MC CD to MC credits over the drum-n-bass soundtrack. The film itself, featuring model Anja Rubik in fashion by Alexander McQueen, Maison Martin Margiela, Gareth Pugh and Dries Van Noten, will be released on SHOWstudio on Monday, but above is a quick film shot with the MC as he sets to work on these rather lyrical credits.


  1. CharlieStrand
    13:37 10 Feb 2009
  2. la
    13:48 10 Feb 2009
    what a great looking guy, fantastic uplifting idea. Can't wait to see the film!
  3. TheMagicalSongsmith
    15:34 11 Feb 2009
    I thought the rap on the front of the site needed a bit of a tune to go with it. So with the help of Microsofts Songsmith, I give you the bluegrass remix!
    It's fffresh!
  4. J.R.BobDobbs
    15:59 11 Feb 2009