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First films in!!

Forum regular Xenicon is among the first few editors whose films we've received for the 'Viewers' Cut' aspect of Editing Fashion. Well done, Xenicon! What a trooper! We're debating the technique used to get the film's grainy texture seen in this still: Bruty's sure it's achieved through filming the footage whilst it's screening? These will start going up shortly, so get yours in well in advance of the 28 February deadline to make the first batch!

We've received quite a a few that we won't be able to include because their editors have included illicit soundtracks. Please note we can only accept ones that use the audio provided for copyright reasons.

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  1. Giusseppe
    08:57 10 Jan 2013
    I still think that this is playing too colsely to fans of the novel and needs to be broadened a bit more to play to the people Lionsgate really must convince, and I felt that the I volunteer as tribute moment was a tad stiff, but the studio has plenty of time to work on the former and the latter probably works better in full context. So I'm strangely excited. Considering this read a lot like Winter's Bone meets Battle Royale, it feels like its own thing, and I'm a fan of the casting choices though I know little and less of Hemsworth. In other words, I'm looking forward to March.