by Penny Martin .

First Things First

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To read the Computerphobia article to which I refer, click Click Here.


  1. GalileosUniverse
    17:43 25 Feb 2008
    Hahahaha.. reading the article is quite funny :):)... here we have a group of the most successful fashion designers of today with all the capital at their disposal to at least try and learn to use the medium to the best of their advantage and connect to modern thinking and yet... ( to make the comparison ) ... they still travelling by car !!!.... while they could simply use the aeroplane !!! .... ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE to say the least and a very disappointing 'revelation' to be rather honest ! .....
    No wonder why some of them seem to be decades behind in the matters of modern thinking.... development in the field of textile technology and looking forward to the future .... !
    The best of the lot tuned to the ' real world' is definitely CB with the right vibes on the matter..... and I quote : 'Christopher Bailey, designer for Burberry, says: "Absolutely, I use it all the time," explaining that he believes you cannot respond to the world around you unless you are connected to cyberspace. He works on the Internet with his design team and feels comfortable at the keyboard.
  2. Landon
    20:02 25 Feb 2008
    I imagine creative genius can only be arrived at from thinking for yourself. To find inspiration in yourself requires focus to follow lines of thought.
    Being online would hamper that greatly. You're barraged with a flood of other people's thoughts, opinions, sound bites, random images - most of which are tossed-off, mediocre, unconsidered. It would make it much harder to determine what you yourself are truly thinking and feeling.