by Ross Phillips .

Flash Be@rbrick

Normally it's Penny who gets all the great fashion presents but today it's my turn and I thought I'd share! I've been working on a slight update of a sound reactive I did for the former Eley Kishimoto shop in Bermondsey when I happened across their collaboration with Japanese toy manufacturer Medicom. Being a boy who works with computers it's in the rules that I should collect something, so along with some other standard obsessions I also collect certain Japanese vinyl toys. This classic Eley Kishimoto flash pattern will sit (stand?) handsomely next to my Andy Warhol, Nagi Noda and Mastermind figures.


  1. PennyMartin
    13:46 2 Jun 2008
    This is a slanderous accusation! Everyone know fashion websites are last on the list for free fashion booty!
  2. JoshBaker
    16:06 2 Jun 2008
    Jealous!!! Eley Kishimoto Be@rbrick! Wicked!