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For Fa$hion's S@ke! An intriguing new panel discussion

You may remember our editor, Lou Stoppard, posting about her trip to Helsinki, Finland. While she was there, she partook in the Aalto Arts Fashion Seminar at Aalto University, co-charing a talk titled For Fa$hion’s S@ke, which we are launching the footage of today!

The panel had a fantastic lineup of speakers, many of whom are frequent SHOWstudio panelists as well! The discussion was co-chaired and curated by editor of A Magazine Curated By Dan Thawley, and featured LCF’s dean Frances Corner, milliner Stephen Jones, designer Lutz Huelle and sound designer Michel Gaubert, along with his partner and collaborator Ryan Aguilar. The talk was dedicated to the late Professor Louise Wilson, who was scheduled to attend but passed away just a few days before. The seminar focused on the accessibility of high fashion, the way technology and social media has revolutionalised shopping and design and the paradox of ‘affordable luxury’, amongst many other topics. 

Watch this wonderful group of industry experts in a brilliant discussion now!