by Nick Knight .

Further Instruction!

Great to see the suggestions for Antony coming in. To make the brief really clear, I want suggestions for simple ways to make sound, not whole song treatments. For example, banging coconuts, tapping her foot whilst humming or playing the spoons.




  1. sunnylim
    13:18 14 Sep 2007
    i wonder if tossing plates is simple.
  2. KirstyAlsoppFanclub
    20:59 14 Sep 2007
    I don't suppose you can light fires in a studio, can you? Don't you think the crackling of burning is the closest thing to sun worship you can think of?
    What about a foley artist's kit? Could you bring in one of those? Does anyone know what they use for fire?
  3. mmbbaa
    01:17 15 Sep 2007
    I think what you are looking for is the sound of cellophane. That is a flame free way to create a crackling sound for fire.
    Good thought. Don't forget to post it in the right spot.
  4. KirstyAlsoppFanclub
    08:09 15 Sep 2007
    It's done. Thanks Marilyn!