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Future Couture: Look One Paco Rabanne

The inimitable Daphne Guinness is currently rotating in a look from the original purveyor of futuristic couture, Paco Rabanne. Crafted from pleated paper foil, the architectonic wonder recalls the Baschet brothers' sound sculpture dresses for the seminal Qui Êtes-Vous Polly Magoo?, another definitive aspect of sixties fashion futurism. Over the next two days SHOWstudio will be streaming Nick Knight's shoot in collaboration with 3D scan maestro Kev Stenning, stay tuned to see Ms Guinness interpret pieces from contemporary fashion's finest futurists including Gareth Pugh, Rick Owens, Junya Watanabe and many more.


  1. ericesquire
    16:03 21 Dec 2011
    that green colour makes me envy the nature...

    |e e
  2. sally.northmore
    16:05 21 Dec 2011
  3. rodrigootazu
    05:20 21 Jan 2012
    I was wondering if it was Gaga or my amazing gilr Daphine who wore the dress first ???
    will be nice to know