by Ross Phillips .


After five weeks and over ONE MILLION, TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FIVE THOUSAND votes the competition nears it's dramatic conclusion. So if you haven't played then you'd better be quick because the game ends at midnight Tokyo time or 4pm GMT this coming Sunday. If you have played then why not have another go? Five minutes isn't going to hurt and I'm sure you could pass it off as 'fashion research' if you get caught by your boss. For all I know, you are the boss. If so, well done, you've made it.

In summary: Tokyo Style Clash ends Sunday. 


  1. flux
    21:25 23 Nov 2006
    Hello Ross (and studio, Beam etc),
    yes, all very well but hey. I've very much enjoyed playing with this thing - and I've played with it a lot, but don't anyone dare blame me for the dull results to date coz I ain't voted that way! - so, somewhat like la (see both her posts in the open forum please) I'm just not getting why so many fairly nondescript contenders are scoring high, to the point of being close to winning actually. Where's the aspiration? the inspiration? the revitalising pzazz?
    How does this game work in fact? How are the images paired? Is it not a little bit disappointing that over a million votes so far somehow statistically leads to a Mr Comfortable-looking-but-could-be-anybody-from-anywhere-ish being No:1 in the game? What does this kind of result say about the fashion/retail industry?
    Oh, boring...
  2. GalileosUniverse
    14:13 25 Nov 2006
    I must say I missed the ' originality and fantasy ' you normally see in those documentaries about street fashion in Tokyo... but here it's all rather bland and not very inspiring. I suposse the jury should had being more critical about who gets a place in the game....A pity it was a good idea...
  3. flux
    19:27 27 Nov 2006
    Maybe the result makes sense, in that the people who won are those who have greater need of the prize?