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Gareth Pugh for M.A.C - Ruth Hogben fashion film now online!
Watch the fashion film exclusively here

'Truly beautiful, very sophisticated, and incredibly chic' - those are Gareth Pugh's words to describe his first make-up range, created with M.A.C. 'With an underlying edge of darkness and attitude' was the caveat, expressed to the fullest in the fashion film directed by Ruth Hogben to unveil the range. Discussing their collaboration, Pugh states 'We've managed to create an aesthetic that's very strong, visual and immediate which has a great impact... more impact, I think, than when my clothes are on the catwalk. So it was very obvious to me that I wanted to do a film with M.A.C for this project.'

A further development from Hogben and Pugh's electric collaboration for Spring/Summer 2012, this latest film is inspired by the contrast of black and white - or light and darkness - taking a fresh approach to the well-established tradition of cosmetic advertisement by showcasing the powder and pigment of the Pugh range in motion. Here, a selection of signature, specially-fashioned faces for the twenty-first century are crafted with stylist Katie Shillingford and make-up artist Val Garland, and captured for posterity by Hogben's lens.


  1. AndrewSmith
    14:25 27 Nov 2011
    Well, it's good to see my levels of excitement in anticipation of this film were well deserved. Once again the Pugh/Hogben etc. collaboration have delivered to the highest and most beautiful level. I watched the whole thing with my mouth and eyes wide open in bewilderment! Nice one!

  2. 01:55 6 Dec 2011
    Hey, you're the goto expert. Thanks for hagning out here.