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Gareth Pugh in Motion!

After our veritable flurry of fashion film over the past few days, we couldn’t let the week close without revealing this tantalising taster of Nick Knight and Ruth Hogben's forthcoming film 'Insensate', showcasing Gareth Pugh’s award-winning A/W 2008 collection. Captured during Nick’s brooding and gothic ‘Dark Magic’ shoot for Dazed and Confused earlier this year, this mesmerising and kaleidoscopic clip – set against a section of our original soundtrack by artist Matthew Stone - showcases Pugh’s playful patent-leather polyhedra in an ever-spiralling frame of crystalline curlicues. An intriguing statement of intent for the final fashion short, to be showcased alongside the original Dazed and Confused shoot later this year…

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  1. la
    18:14 8 Nov 2008
    Gorgeous! More Tim Burton than Tim Burton himself.
    I can't wait to see the whole film.