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Gareth Pugh live panel, 17:30 BST 26 September 2012

Gareth Pugh continues in a long line of British fashion designers who may be more accurately placed under another mantel; sculptor, engineer or perhaps just ‘artist’. Only in recent years has Pugh’s work been available to actually buy as he developed in both style and the means to mass produce clothing so technically precise and at last, wearable.

Now though, a British mainstay in the Paris Fashion Week schedule, he has appeased both sides of fashion’s coin, producing work that is commercially viable as well as characteristically experimental. After winning the ANDAM award, opening his first boutique and amassing legions of fans, Pugh’s personal journey through design is as unique as his aesthetic.

Now, as we begin our final descent into the season’s shows, we begin the final week in our series of live panel discussions and there is no better way to usher in Paris Fashion Week than by dedicating our first panel to Pugh and the notion of conceptual fashion. Joining our panel this time will be writer Camilla Morton, artist Daphne Guinness, fashion commentator Colin McDowell and rejoining us, SHOW’s Associate Editor, Lou Stoppard.

Tune in from 17:30 BST this afternoon where we’ll be kicking off Paris Fashion Week live from our Central London studio.